Sunday, October 30, 2011

Films From the Vaults, Nov 2 - Native American Films

Join us this Wednesday, November 2, from 1-3 as we digitize films at our 2nd Friends of the Libraries funded Films From the Vault screening. November is Native American Month, so we will be selecting rare films of import to Native American and American Indian Studies. Can't make it in person to the Odegaard Conference Room? Tune in live here.

Screening schedule includes...

Quillayute Story

  • ----- color ----- 25 min ----- 16mm
  • (Historical Collection) Shows ways in which the Quillayute Indians of Washington have adapted themselves to their environment. Illustrates their handicraft activities, sports, festivals, games, dances, fishing, agriculture and religious worship. (The film is dated in its attitude.)
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, Pacific Northwest)

Treaties Made, Treaties Broken

  • 1970 ----- color ----- 17 min ----- 16mm
  • (North American Indian series, Part 3) The Treaty of Medicine Creek, made in 1854, which guarantees the Indians of Washington State the rights of fishing, hunting, gathering roots and berries and pasturing for their animals is now in hot dispute. To many Indians this dispute exemplifies, in part, the continuing abrogation of treaties on the part of White America in its dealings with the Indians. Includes comments by members of Indian tribes, as well as testimonies by the Department of Fish and Game official concerning the demonstration at Frank's Landing.
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, History: American, Pacific Northwest)


  • 1961 ----- color ----- 20 min ----- 16mm
  • (Historical Collection) Explains how archeologists were sponsored by the United Fruit Company for the purpose of restoring the highland city of Zaculeu in Central America. Compares shrines, temples, dance platforms and ballcourts in 1946 and after their restoration in 1949. (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)
  • Topics: (Archaeology, Latin America)

Timber and Totem Poles

  • 1949 ----- color ----- 10 min ----- 16mm
  • (Historical Collection) Southeast Alaska, land of timber and totem poles. Tongass National Forest timber waiting to be harvested. Native Alaskan Indians, in ceremonial garb, restore and copy their totem poles.
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, Art: Tribal, Pacific Northwest)


  • 1950 ----- color ----- 10 min ----- 16mm
  • (Historical Collection) Against a background of tribal chants historical and interpretive facts concerning the totem poles of coastal British Columbia tribes are presented.
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, Art: Tribal, Canadian Studies)

Seminoles of the Everglades

  • 1950 ----- color ----- 20 min ----- 16mm
  • (Historical Collection) Seminole Indians of Florida and the great swamp area in which they live: the problems of the tribe in changing world and what the U. S. Government is doing to help them in the realm of education and health economy. Includes some advertising of tobacco products.
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, Art: Tribal)


Phil @ Teach Me Bass Guitar said...

Thanks - I am fascinated to learn about the totem poles.

John Vallier said...

Great. We will be adding DVD copies of these films to our collection within the month or so.

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Great. We will be adding DVD copies also..nice one